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June 11, 2018

Get to know the top bass fishing lures that are perfect for charting new waters

Regardless of your fishing experience, it’s good to have a handful of lures that you can depend on especially when you find yourself fishing in a new and unfamiliar body of water. At times, throwing a whole tackle box can work well but still, knowing what works best for you and the body of water you’re about to head into will help you plan your trip and strategy a whole lot better. 

When heading out to fish in new waters, the challenge that an angler faces is not knowing much about what’s going on at the bottom, the mood of the fish, and the forage. Drawing from our own experiences fishing all over the country as well as from insights we got from some of the most experienced anglers in the community, we present to you 5 of the best bass fishing lures that will give you the confidence to reel in the best catches!

The Texas-rigged plastic

When fishing in spring and summer seasons, weightless or slightly-weighted Texas-rigged plastics is a surefire way to get a weary or pressured fish that’s nearing the spawn to strike. Moreover, it has proven effective when used for probing cover and when fishing a lure through grass, docks, brush piles, laydown trees, and beyond!

The Jig

A great year-round lure, the jig is always a practical choice. You can crawl a jig ever so slowly over rocks, swim it through grass, and even cast it anywhere between 6 to 60 inches deep in water. If the waters present a lot of covering or vegetation, go for lighter skirted jigs. But if the water clarity is pristine, opt for jigs in natural colors. Alternatively, if the water is muddy, choose dark ones with eye-catching color accents like black and blue or black and chartreuse. There’s a whole lot that you can do with a jig that you can almost never go wrong with it as long as you know which tactic to apply.

Paddle-tail Swimbait

When it comes to versatility, it seems as though the paddle-tail swimbait comes in first for most seasoned anglers. With the exception of murky waters, swimbaits make for a formidable weapon when fishing virtually any type of water condition all throughout the year. What’s even great about it is that you can easily switch up its size and depth by changing jigheads and paddle tail sizes.


Ideal for covering water, opt for the chatterbait when skipping under docks and around grass beds. However, anglers do note that it loses its effectivity when the water gets too clear! But no matter the water temperature, the chatterbait has proven dependable even on pressured fish in relatively clear waters.


We certainly won’t suggest you to fish a topwater during winter. But where it fails to perform during the cold season, it makes up for throughout the rest of the season. From covering flats, fishing through pockets, and probing points, a topwater definitely comes in handy when exploring new waters.

Given the wide range of lures that are being offered nowadays, we can’t deny that there are a lot more to choose from that can likewise cater to various fishing scenarios more effectively than the ones on this list. However, these are ones that the even the most experienced anglers seem to reach out for no matter where they’re headed and regardless of what body of water they’re intending to fish. Moreover, this list is a great place to start with when you’re just starting out or about to fish new water! Needless to say, count on us when we say that you can never go wrong with this set of lures.

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