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About Us

It was one of those uneventful fishing trips for Andy, who despite having brought all these different lures from random fishing stores, couldn’t seem to catch any lunker at all. Convinced that it might not just be his day, he was ready to pack up his things and head home. When suddenly, an old man passed by and asked him how things were going.
Having told the old chap about his humdrum afternoon, the old man took out a curious looking lure and handed it over to Andy – a 6-section swimbait that looked just like a real fish in the water. “Give it a try before you go,” the old chap said before bidding his farewell. Though a bit hesitant, Andy gave it one last shot. And just like that, Andy got a hook... and another, and another. Heading home completely ecstatic and bewildered, Andy began to wonder how that one little lure made all the difference.
Curious and intrigued by the old man’s secret weapon, Andy began researching about the swimbait. Dedicating all the hours to understanding what made it work, developing all sorts of prototype out of the sample, and actually heading out to his favorite spot as often as he could to test out his innovations – he had finally realized the “secret”!
Out of all the fishing baits and lures being sold and marketed, almost none of these companies have consistently analyzed and let alone improved the way lures are made. Often times, what’s being sold in the market are lures made without any context given to the varying environment of fishing spots and the types of fish that inhabit these waters.
From here, our main man Andy decided to set out and change the way we fish with one-of-a-kind lures that are crafted based upon heavy research, real experience, and innovation. Moving beyond tradition, PowrCatch was then born in 2017 as a US-based fishing shop that seeks to provide the fishing community with products that will ensure that anglers like you and me get the most out of our time in the waters!

A company founded by a passionate angler for his fellow anglers, PowrCatch has since grown into a leading online fishing shop that the fishing community has long been waiting for – a shop that truly understands what anglers want and need! Wanting every single angler to have the best fishing experience each time, PowrCatch is all about throwing out all that boring stuff out the window to reel in no less than adrenaline-filled fishing sessions each time.
With that, PowrCatch may not offer an insane (yet utterly useless) variety of random fishing products but what we certainly showcase are unique fishing lures, apparel, and accessories that took tremendous blood, sweat, and tears to produce and develop. More than just a brand, we at PowrCatch want to build a movement, where ALL anglers can feel like they have a solid community that supports and looks out for their best interests!
At the core of PowrCatch is our commitment to constantly create and provide the best and most diverse selection of premium fishing products. Because isn’t that what a family is for? At PowrCatch, we treat all anglers as a part of our growing family! And we make this possible by constant product development under the guidance and direction of a team of top anglers in the industry, as well as in ensuring that all our customers are well taken care for the moment they click on our website all the way until after they receive their orders!
Now that you know all about our story, we can’t wait to hear all about yours! If there is anything you would like to share with us or ask please, feel free to contact us anytime at We would love to hear from you!