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PowrCatch Magic Bob

Finally, a Foolproof Way To Catch Trophy Sized Lunkers With Topwater Fishing... (So Easy They'll Think You're Cheating!)


The Lure That Makes Every Other Topwater Bait Look Like Garbage

The Magic Bob is a topwater, bass-sized lure that operates at a range of speeds. At a super-slow crawl, all you hear are it’s tiny glass beads as they’re shaken back and forth with each tail rotation. Speed it up and it throws water with a whopping sound that rings the dinner bell for all hungry bass in the vicinity.

Because it casts a mile, it’s great for covering large grass and flats. And because it works at such a wide range of speeds, its ideal for nailing down the most productive speed and rhythm on any given day


  • Guarantees To Catch Fish: One of the best lures in the industry that will give you the catch of your life, GUARANTEED!
  •  Attracts The Bass For You: The unique swimming action and plopping sound attracts the bass and yields you some INSANE BLOW-UPS.
  •  Built-In Rattle For 25X More Hook-Ups: Your Magic Bob will do it's magic with the built-in rattle to tease and trigger the bass to matter the weather condition.
  •  2- Ultra-Sharp Treble Hooks: Laser cut treble hooks made to keep the fish hooked during the fight.
  •  Super Easy To Use: Magic Bob is super easy to use. Just rig it on your rod right out the box and watch the magic flow.
  • LENGTH:4IN/ 10CM
  • WEIGHT:0.5oz/13g


Are You Ready To Take Your Fishing To A Whole New Level?

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